VR/AR Director

For the last few years I can’t seem to escape the pull of AR and have now started creating some projects in VR. The space between the physical and digital I find fascinating and has been fertile ground for experimentation.

I have created several exciting project in AR and gained some key learning. FootballAR shows the possibilities of how a share augmented spaces can foster interesting new possibilities for game play.

The work I have been doing with digital storytelling begins to answer some of the questions that are raised when creating VR stories. How does a storyteller play with an audience’s sense of control (or lack of)? I’m now working on a couple of VR projects that explore this question.

I have a user centric approach to design. I hunt for the right question. I believe creativity is found in the making, prototyping and then choosing the right mistakes.



London2012: Shadow Runner 


Hidden City: WalesLab 

Remote cAR Game

Stadium AR