Mr. Quin


LATEST: BAFTA NOMINEE 2016 for technical achievement

The Mr. Quin App was produced in association with Agatha Christie Limited. It is a bold an ambitious digital publishing project. I devised the concept, executive produced and was interactive director on the project. I oversaw all areas of the creation, from the beautiful branding to creating animated gif and vines.

Mr. Quin is a set of short stories written by Agatha Christie and published in the 1930s. I was approached by the estate after they had seen the Nightvision project that I had just released.
This has been a project that I have led from initial concept, uncovering the Mr. Quin set of short stories, then adapting them with a contempory spin, developing the app concept and technology and then acting as the interactive director overseeing all aspects of the production and design. I have personally made and edited much of the work too.

To date Mr. Quin has been featured in New York Times, Reuters, Yahoo, MSN, London Evening Standard and HEAT magazine.

Over 50 5 star reviews:
“Awesome modern version of one of Agatha Christie’s most interesting characters.”

Mr. Quin is a totally new way to experience an Agatha Christie mystery. Follow Mr. Satterthwaite’s social stream as he uncovers the dark secret of Royston Manor.

Hollywood star Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones and Aquarius) plays the charismatic Mr. Satterthwaite. He is live-blogging from from an exclusive party at Royston Manor where a group of young society figures have gathered for the first time since their mutual friend’s unexplained suicide.

The action takes place over the space of one night, with Mr Satterthwaite uploading photos and videos, letting us peek in on all the important party gossip. But when he finds himself confronted by the mysterious Mr. Quin, the celebratory mood turns to one of intrigue and suspense. What did happen to their friend? And who really knows the truth?

Scroll up and down the social feed to watch the mystery unfold and the lies unravel. The story propels you through to the exhilarating reveal and as with every Christie story the thrill is to see if you can work it out before the characters do!

Simple and addictive Mr. Quin will keep you on the edge of your seat and glued to your iPhone or iPad!