TV Producer

A big part of my work has been exploring the point of intersection of TV and digital. I spoke recently at ThinkDigital about the challenges and frustrations of working within the TV world. My concepts have led me to some interesting places – to Cannes winning a place at MIPTV, to PTTP in London and also winning the C4 Media Art Award for a idea that was dubbed ‘bonkers’ (I later realised this is a good thing in artist circles, I’m still not sure!) I have had several TV shows piloted and an ongoing project in Hollywood working with Tim Kring (Heros and Touch), Pure Grass Films and Sonar. All these projects started with a digital heart, but once the mechanics of TV get going they interestingly become more and more traditional. Would you believe TV people want to make TV!

This realisation led directly to me crowdfunding Nightvision and building the TELL digital storytelling platform. Directing a digital story takes a lot of juggling of different skills. Creating immersive worlds demands collaborating with scriptwriters, developers, film directors. I have begun to use the phrase Audience Experience (AX) Design which neatly sums up some of the skills and thinking needed.


Drake Equation

Strung Out

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