AX Design

There has been too much hype about stories in the last few years. It’s a phrase that has been manipulated to mean many different things. A lot of the work I have been doing has been creating drama based interactive stories. Interactive is also a subjective term and my obsession has been to create stories that are immersive but stay on the story side of games. This is a fascinating challenge and I am finding this knowledge translates well to the VR narratives. I have created the platform TELL which has helped these experiments and can publish iOS apps and html5 digital stories.

Directing interactive experiences means having a wide set of skills, I conceptualise, pitch, write, direct, design, spec, plan. I think the term AX designer (Audience Experience) is the closest thing that captures what I do.


Agatha Christie: Mr Quin

Nightvision Experiment

Mizuno Interactive Video

Rowing Challenge


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